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Science Unlimited: Aspiring scientists visit Lash Miler for a crash course in chemistry

August 16, 2018

This week, graduate students from the Mark Wilson and Rebecca Jockusch Groups hosted 50 high school students as part of the annual Science Unlimited Summer Camp.

Students learned about the key chemical components of solar harvesting devices, and built their own dye sensitized solar cells by extracting anthocyanin dye from berries and assembling nanocrystalline titanium dioxide and graphite into functional devices.



“I was really impressed by how many questions they asked,” says Masters Student Ruvim Ginzburg.

“And how few of those questions were ‘is this right?’” adds his labmate, Minhal Hasham.

The students at the camp are hosted at each department within the sciences throughout the week, and complete a design challenge by the end of the camp, which is hosted by the department of physics. This kind of interdepartmental collaboration is key to fostering scientific development in our local communities, and inspiring bright young students to pursue their scientific passions.



Special thanks to the Special Projects Coordinator in Physics, Sheela Manek, to the Chemistry Communications Officer, Dan Haves, to the Chemistry Activity Coordinator, Karen Morenz, and to all the volunteers who made this happen, JoAnn Chen, Ruvim Ginzburg, Minhal Hasham, Christian Imperiale, and Philippe Green.