LOGIC Retreat (2017)

logic-retreat2Our retreat aims to develop leadership and mentorship skills of participants, in addition to fostering productive discussion concerning gender bias in chemistry. This 3-day retreat will be spent with graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and industry personnel from various STEM fields. With activities both at University of Toronto and off-site, we will host a fun and inclusive environment for discussing gender diversity issues and developing professional skills, to build close-knit communities in STEM fields. Everyone is welcome!

Featured Events:

Keynote seminar by Prof. Kim Baines (University of Western Ontario)

Workshops hosted by Ann Holmes (WinSETT) and Lil Blume (University of Toronto)

Panel discussions with Rebecca Ruck (Merck), Laurel Schafer (University of British Columbia), Amila De Silva (Environment and Climate Change Canada), Stacey Ritz (McMaster University), Hans-Peter Loock (Queen’s University), and more!

Register here (Deadline for Application: April 18th, 2017):


***NEW – Registration Sponsorship***

 The Chemistry Graduate Office will sponsor (ie. pay the registration fee of $100) for a limited number of UofT chemistry graduate students who wish to attend the LOGIC Retreat. To apply for sponsorship, please forward your CV and a brief letter of justification to attend the retreat for professional development to the Chemistry Graduate Office via e-mail (in one PDF using the file naming convention of: Last name_First name_WICTORetreat). They will review applications on a rolling basis until April 1!

100th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CSC 2017):


For more info, contact us here:


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