Upcoming Lectures



Speaker: Prof. Hind Al-Abadleh

Date: Wednesday November 22, 2017

Location: Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories, Davenport Seminar Rooms (3rd floor)


Abstract: Most environmental processes occur at the interface between the different phases of matter present in natural and industrial systems. In each of these processes, surfaces, mainly oxides and hydroxides of transition metals, are present under very different ambient conditions. This talk will present an overview of research activities in Al-Abadleh’s lab at Laurier in the area of environmental surface chemistry. Specifically, projects on the fate of arsenic compounds in simulated geochemical environments in the absence and presence of organic matter will be presented. Also, recent results will be shown on the atmospheric chemistry of iron in secondary organic particle formation from aliphatic and aromatic precursors. The significance of this research will be highlighted in relation to the cycling of arsenic in water and soil, and potentially new pathways for metal-driven atmospheric brown carbon formation and aging of mineral dust aerosols.

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