Family Room

WICTO Family Room Sign

Launched in November 2015, WICTO, Nadine Borduas, and Myke Dymarski collaborated to open the Family Room located in LM406A at the University of Toronto. This room is a dedicated space to (breast)feed babies, change diapers and entertain children.

There are two main functions for the room. The first is to serve as a practical space for our students, postdocs, faculty and staff to use with their babies and children. The second is to serve as a symbol of empowerment and support for both women and men in chemistry who chose to have a family (regardless if they are students, postdocs, faculty or staff).

WICTO would like to thank Nadine for all her hard work and persistance in creating the Family Room. As well, special thanks to the Chair’s Office and Profesor Rob Batey for their support and graciously offering the space.

This is an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone. As of right now, anyone with a laboratory key for Lash Miller can access the Family Room.





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