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Machine Shop

The Manager is operating the machine

The Department of Chemistry Machine Shop is a fee for service operation that specializes in ultra high vacuum and high vacuum technology. We are capable of building and repairing all types of ultra high vacuum and high vacuum chambers! We also service all makes of vacuum pumps in house! The shop is also capable of a wide range of machining and welding jobs to suit your individual requests! Download the Work Order Form (PDF) to get started.

Your one-stop place for all your mechanical needs, we take in work from all sources inside and outside of University.

The photo illustrates the Daewoo DMV 3016L, an ultimate vertical machining center that can deliver precise heavy cuts in tough materials with 3D technology.

Machine Shop Specialists

Name Position Email
John Ford Supervisor
Johnny Lo Craftperson
David Heath Craftperson
Frank Shaw Craftperson
Ahmed Bobat Craftperson

80 St George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3H6
Room 53
(416) 978-3584