The Winnik group studies a broad spectrum of topics in the general areas of polymer science, self-assembly, and nanochemistry. We like problems that require a combination of synthesis and physical measurements. Students and Postdocs in the group come from different backgrounds and have different areas of expertise (polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, colloid science, chemical engineering, physics). We are fond of projects that require individuals with different backgrounds to work together.

A better idea of what we do can be seen in our current projects.

I began my research career and obtained tenure as an organic chemist. My transformation into a polymer chemist, which began in the late 1970s, taught me that a change of field or a change of research topic can lead to a growth in creativity. From time to time, new opportunities present themselves, which take me and my students into new areas.

Mitchell A. Winnik

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Jiangping and Joey's paper, #715 on the publication list, is selected for the cover of JACS!

Congratulations Mitch!
Mitch Winnik is the 2013 recipient of the ACS Award in Polymer Science awarded to recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in the science or technology of plastics, coatings, polymer composites, adhesives, and related fields.